Rdeče 2003

Rdeče 2003
Dry red wine
Alcohol: 12.7 % vol.

The wine named Rdeče (it means red; with 45% of merlot, and 55% of cabernet sauvignon) confirms that the two above mentioned varieties get along in the right relation. The vine has a ruby red colour with shades of granet (z granatnimi odsevi). Despite its age it conserves an intensive and rich flavour. We can find in it wild fruits, mostly blackberries and currants. Its taste, despite the harmony and softness of the tannins, still feels fresh and mineral (mineralno). The wine has a strong harmonic body.

Food: meat prepared in various ways, game and cured meat products
Temperature of serving: 17–18°C
Time and type of maturation: 24 months in old barrels, the sulphur is added after the first decant, and the next year bottled from the barrels without filtration

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