Merlot 2007

Dry red wine
Alcohol: 14,5 % vol.

We named it "sir" merlot. The wine comes from an exceptional vintage. The ruby red wine has an intensive and superior flavour. The weather conditions of this vintage were for this sort extraordinary and that's the reason why some rich fruity flavour of blueberries, raspberries and a soft vegetal note sneaked into it. The ageing in the oak barrels enriched it with tannins and tastefulness. Its strong and structured body and the elegance of its taste assure a great future for this ‘gentleman’ (up to 15 years).

Food: game, roast goose and duck, beef and other red meat. We can offer it along with cheeses too.

Time and type of maturation: 2 years in old 500 l barrels

Temperature of serving: 16–18°C

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