Fair participation.

Festival of natural wines

Villa Favorita offers an articulate tasting course that permits to deepen or to begin to know the natural wines: it is the most important event of natural wines in Europe, because of the numbers of the exhibitors that are present and because of the number of the visitors.

Villa Favorita brings together not only Italian wine producers , but many others, that have the same objectives ; to share the methods and the experiences in order to produce wine in a natural way, both in the vine tree and in the winegrowers’ factory and that want to divulge the culture of the ‘’terroir’’ (French word that fuses together the concepts of the ‘’climate’’, ‘’geology’’, ‘’topography’’ and ‘’soil’’).

A unique event of its sort, Villa Favorita hosts, in its wonderful scene of the homonymous Veneto villa, selected producers and guests from all across Europe, with a majority of French.

Every visitor can not only taste the wines of every winegrower, but also and especially meet, know and speak directly with the same producers, of different languages too, thanks to a staff of translators put at disposal by the organizers.

In Villa Favorita, a manifestation is born, as a result of the natural increasing commitment to diffuse a new wine culture, the fruit of a natural processing, in the full respect of the soil peculiarity.

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