Fair participation.

Festival of true wines

We can ask ourselves what do wines made in Tuscany have in common with those produced in Piemonte of the Veneto? What makes us feel at home in each others company, if we are all so different?

Even before our first official meetings, we realized that we were all doing the same things in the vineyard, that our wines all expressed the same care and dedication and that we treated our clients with the same respect and warmth. We became fast friends. We all have the same sensibility and approach to the land. We all believe that our value is based on what was given to us by the earth and what we are able to give back to it in return. It came as a pleasant surprise that all of us felt so foreign when compared to the rest of the market. We found that, at times, we no longer wanted to explain to people who we are, what we believe in and what we want out of our short existence on this earth. Finally, we had become a real group. We were no longer bound by the uninformed anarchism that had robbed our countryside of the best minds and the strongest arms. Finally, we were proud to tell the world that, even if we are not batting for the right team, it is possible to live, grow and improve. We prove this everyday.

So here is what we are (not). We are not organic, even if the rules of our consortium are even more restrictive in terms of both the vineyard and the cellar than those pertaining to organic certification. We are not biodynamic, even if many of follow Steiner’s philosophy. We are not any these things because we know that, unfortunately, rules often become trends and rules are made to be broken. Real wealth is created another way. It is easy to take advantage of the naivety of others is. We realized this when we were told that if we made certain compromises and used industrially produced chemicals, we would get “quick” results and would not impoverish the land or our own minds. We were no longer learning from nature and growing more knowledgeable because, at some point, we were offered a perfect little package with simple instructions for how to grow grapes.

We decided to revolt and to return to making wine as it had been made in the past. We pledged to not simply accept what we hear, but to question and study what is around us. This is Viniveri.

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